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  issue # 2 August 2012  
  • September 4th Webinar.
  • A Message from the Consultants.
  • What 20th Century Ideas Still Work.
  • Display 101.
  • Industry Profiling.
  • How to Get More Leads.
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Date: September 4, 2012
Time: 5pm EDT/8pm PDT
Speaker: Peter Merry

The biggest challenge most wedding professionals face is communicating why their products and services are a better choice in an effective yet humble way. We all plan for our couple's big day, but Peter will show you how to plan for a sales presentation that will leave your prospects wondering why they should even bother meeting with another vendor. If you can show them why you are the best value, they will pay your asking price and rave about it!

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A Message from the Consultants
With the summer season half over, it's time to reflect on the events we have been a part of so far and focus on giving the same amount of energy to the events still to come. August means the beginning of the tradeshow season and I don't think anyone in the world knows how to throw a convention like event pros! From DJ to Photography shows, Bridal Consultants in Colorado to the always impressive Wedding MBA in Vegas, this industry that knows how to party.

I am very fortunate to attend many of the different shows out there and the one piece of advice I can give is to think outside the box and listen to the speakers with your business in mind. As we are preparing for our next Webinar which the great Peter Merry will be presenting, I reflect on Mike Walter's Think and Grow seminar last month. Now, I can't tell you everything Mike said, but I can tell you one piece of advice, or nugget, if you will, that I have added to my day. He said "get up early and make a list of what you need to accomplish to feel good about your day." I know there was a ton of amazing information that Mike put out there, but for me, that one statement has helped out my business and personal life tremendously.

The moral of the story is not to expect one seminar to have all the answers, but you can find answers in every seminar if you are open to listening, and trying something new. I hope to see you all at one of our upcoming tradeshows, stop on by our booth!

Happy Bookings Everyone!

Bob Scott

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What 20th Century Ideas Still Work?

For the period of time from the 1970's thru the 1990's, wedding professionals were able to thrive and rely on perennial methods to grow their business. In 2012, for many business owners it feels like they have to go back to school. The only problem is running a business is a full time job, so who has time to learn and embrace all the nuances of websites, SEO and social media?

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Display 101

We all aspire to offer quality products and services. However, how you display your services is often what catches the eye of the bride and makes the sale. There is often so much emphasis placed on attentiveness to your website, blog and Facebook page, that we are starting to lose site of the importance of display when we are actually with the client.

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  Develop Your Uniqueness by Industry Profiling Getting More Leads for Your Wedding Business  

One of the best exercises in growing your business is to put focused thought into profiling the type of bride whom ends up becoming your most frequent customer.
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Teaming up and creating a lead network with other vendors will increase your chances of being successful and booking more brides.
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  In other news  
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