issue # 4  December 2012  
Date: December 5, 2012
Time: 5pm EDT/8pm PDT
Speaker: Robert Walk

Helping a prospect make a decision that serves their best interest should be the goal of every salesperson. Your ability to handle objections or hidden requests can turn no sale into more sales. Uncover the real objection, offer a solution and close the sale.  Come to this webinar and learn:
  • When is no decision the wrong decision
  • Objections are hidden requests for more information
  • Uncover the real objection
  • Close the sale
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A Message from the Consultants
I love this time of year!

The holidays have always been a time of reflection for me, a time to look back on the past year of achievements and mistakes, and head into the next year learning from both.

One change I made this year came from the advice of Mike Walter, one of BrideLive's consultants. I had the privilege to introduce Mike in October at the 2012 WMBA Conference in Las Vegas, where he spoke about how the things we do before and after we get to the office, can greatly influence what happens when you actually get into the office.

The day we returned from Vegas, I decided to implement one of Mike’s tips... “The morning checklist” - a daily checklist that you create before your day begins. I highly suggest everyone spend some time at the start of their day and create a daily checklist. This checklist outlines all the goals and tasks you want to achieve for the day. As we all know, during our busy days, things come up and schedules get pushed around. A daily checklist will help you keep on track with what’s most important to you. There might not be enough time in the day to reach all your goals, but at least you can sleep with a feeling of accomplishment instead of anxiety. Thanks Mike!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Bob Scott

P.S. If you would like to contribute information to be included in this newsletter and on the BrideLive Blog, please contact tawnyl@bridelive.com for more information.
The Proper Use of Urgency

The wedding industry is unique in that the bride is a very identifiable audience. Once she finalizes her date, the clock is ticking. You do not have to create the need for the service you provide if your company is part of the planning ladder. Planning is an emotional process for most brides. She is inspired by beauty, originality, the right personality, and other factors that can result in an impulsive decision.

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Google Hates To Be Figured Out

Over the past year Google has released two major updates to its search algorithm. Google never provides specific data on what these updates really are. SEO professionals and individual businesses that attempt to do their own SEO have the challenge of trying to figure out what was done and how it affects the current ranking of the business in question.

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  Maximizing Your Advertising With Giveaways One Day Sales Can Generate Big Results  

The journey of wedding professionals trying to find a happy balance of what to charge for their services is a great challenge. Advertising and marketing often play a major role in this balance.
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One Day Sales

David’s Bridal does not have to be the only company running promotional sales events which generate big results, however wedding professionals usually never even consider doing something like this.
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  In other news  
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