issue # 6  February 2013
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  • A Message from BrideLive.
  • Facebook Takes Relationship-Based Marketing to the Next Level.
  • What Are You Going To Do Different in 2013?
  • Attributes For Success as a Wedding Professional.
  • Time To Refresh Your Display and Presentation.
  • Using Editorial Calendars in Social Media
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A Message from BrideLive
As February begins, we all settle into 2013. We stop putting the wrong year on checks, and realize a new year is upon us. What goals do you have for the next 11 months? Personal or professional changes are part of life, and a huge part of success, but sometimes it’s just hard to do.

Don't get caught up with what needs to be changed but more importantly improve on what already works. As a DJ, I always seemed to be working on mixing, programming, and reading the crowd and with every wedding I performed at I would improve, but I would also reflect on every party on the way home to see how I could do it better next time. Well my friends, a new year is "next time".

Wishing you the best in success for 2013, and hey... In the book of life, every year is a new chapter. Make this one count!

Have a great month my friends!

Bob Scott

P.S. If you would like to contribute information to be included in this newsletter and on the BrideLive Blog, please contact tawnyl@bridelive.com for more information.

Facebook Takes Relationship-Based Marketing to the Next Level

In the wedding and event industry, making a sale or gaining a new customer is more than just about the actual transaction. Much of the marketing that takes place is based on relationships or the ongoing ties between a vendor and the customer.

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What Are You Going To Do Different in 2013?

The time to think about positive changes for your wedding business next year is not with your New Year’s resolutions. As most wedding professionals end their busy season with actual weddings and approach the Thanksgiving through Christmas lull by seeing and booking...

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As 2013 begins you are probably looking back over the past year and measuring your success. As you ponder the past and prepare for the year to come remember sometimes success is built in self-reflection.

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One of the easiest things for wedding professionals to neglect or procrastinate changing is updating their display and presentation. While it is true that every year is a revolving door of new brides and whatever you show is new to them...

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While social media itself may be a free tool, making those tools a successful piece of your wedding business marketing takes a lot of time. And as a business owner, time certainly equals money.

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