issue # 7  March 2013
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  • A Message from BrideLive.
  • The Google Vanishing Act.
  • Social Media Time Management.
  • How to Engage Fans and Generate More Likes.
  • Having a Heart Can Also Be Smart.
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Join BrideLive and Rick Brewer of Get More Brides as we present our latest webinar. “Getting on the Preferred Vendors List” is a webinar designed for the wedding professional who understands the value of venue referrals yet has found lousy results in trying to get referred. Learn the right techniques and strategies to think like a venue and in turn get on more lists in their city.

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A Message from BrideLive
Happy March Everyone!!! Growing up in a proud Irish American family, March has always been one of my favorite months. As a kid my mom would go crazy with green food coloring and use it on everything from our drinks to cupcakes. She would tell us that she had them shipped directly from Ireland…and we believed her! The funny thing was, everything tasted better. It really is amazing how we can change the way something tastes, appears, or even how something works, just by changing the way we think about it!

During the month of March take some time and analyze your business. There may be areas that need just a dash of green food coloring. A little change can go a long way!

Happy St. Paddy’s Everyone!

Bob Scott

P.S. If you would like to contribute information to be included in this newsletter and on the BrideLive Blog, please contact tawnyl@bridelive.com for more information.

The Google Vanishing Act

If a magazine, newspaper or printer made a mistake on your ad or omitted your ad or listing, you have recourse. One of the privileges we have surrendered to Google in accepting their seizure of online power, as well as their vast sphere of influence, is control...

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Social Media Time Management

“I just don’t have time.” That’s the response many wedding professionals have when asked how their social media marketing efforts are going. Owning, managing and marketing a wedding business certainly takes a lot of time and effort, but if your business isn’t engaging in social media, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities...

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How to Engage Fans and Generate More Likes

Despite the plethora of social media sites that exist in the marketplace, Facebook continues to be one of the most used social platforms worldwide. While popular social sites do vary by industry, Facebook still remains one of the top in the wedding industry and whether you like it or not, potential customers often use the status of your Facebook page to make a first impression about your business...

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Having A Heart Can Also Be Smart

There is so much emotion and passion attached to a wedding. The media is filled with stories of romantic proposals, couples who have overcome tremendous challenges, celebrity weddings and weddings that have humorous occurrences....

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