issue # 9  May 2013
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  • A Message from BrideLive.
  • Make It About The Guests .
  • YouTube is Not Just for Entertainment.
  • Wedding Articles Are Often a Fountain of Misinformation.
  • Missing The Opportunity To Close A Sale.
  • The Costs and Benefits of a Free Gift.
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A Message from BrideLive
The weather is heating up, the flowers are starting to bloom and wedding season is starting to take off, welcome to May! So, did your April marketing bring May weddings? What you do in business today not only affects what happens tomorrow, it starts a butterfly effect that could directly impact your business in the future.

April was actually an exciting month for BrideLive. We launched two awesome new tools designed to help you market and grow your business:

Testimonial Recorder

Collect video testimonials from your clients instantly. The Testimonial Recorder allows you to receive both written and video reviews from clients. It’s really easy; all you have to do is send an email that includes a link to your custom recorder and from their PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone the bride can leave both a written review and a video review about their experience working with you.

Vendor Listings

All BrideLive members now have access to our Authorized Vendor Listing Website. Each listing page acts as a hub for Brides to interact with your company. Brides can meet with you instantly through MeetUsNow, watch video reviews, record video reviews and even connect with you through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Check it out here: www.bridelive.com/vendorlistings

As we all start to move into the crazy months ahead, take some time to catch your breath and think of how you can further your business by doing something new each day. If you are already a BrideLive member and would like a rundown of these new tools or would like to hear more about how BrideLive can better your business give us a call at 888.300.8329.

Have a great May!

Bob Scott

P.S. If you would like to contribute information to be included in this newsletter and on the BrideLive Blog, please contact tawnyl@bridelive.com for more information.

Make It About the Guests

If you think about it, while a bride often dreams of a perfect wedding, it’s far more important for her to have a healthy marriage. And in reality on the wedding day couples are so immersed in the magnitude of the wedding, being the center of attention and... 

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Youtube Is Not Just For Entertainment

Most people know Youtube as a place to upload videos, find video clips of music artists or movies and just about anything else imaginable. Youtube is much more than a source for entertainment though, it is also an excellent marketing tool for wedding professionals...

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Wedding Articles Are Often a Fountain of Misinformation

The Internet has made the bride a more educated consumer. Prior to meeting with you she has already armed herself with questions she is told to ask, has done research on your competition, and is likely to be influenced by articles she has...

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Missing The Opportunity To Close A Sale

In the wedding industry you do not have to create the need for your service. Brides will buy within a finite period of time. Thus you are not faced with the challenges of many other industries of indefinite procrastination. For many categories...

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The Costs and Benefits of Giving Free Gifts

Most wedding professionals would not consider giving out a free gift with no strings attached strictly as a way to increase inquiries. They would be more apt to give a gift to a customer that contracted for a wedding service or bought products. However...

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