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  issue # 3  October 2012  
  • November 7th Webinar.
  • A Message from the Consultants.
  • Don't Get Lost in iOS 6 Maps.
  • Dealing With Negative Reviews.
  • Marketing Does Not Equal Advertising.
  • When You TroubleShoot Watch Your Aim.
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Date: November 7, 2012
Time: 5pm EDT/8pm PDT
Speaker: Robert Walk

Helping a prospect make a decision that serves their best interest should be the goal of every salesperson. Your ability to handle objections or hidden requests can turn no sale into more sales. Uncover the real objection, offer a solution and close the sale.  Come to this webinar and learn:
  • When is no decision the wrong decision
  • Objections are hidden requests for more information
  • Uncover the real objection
  • Close the sale
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A Message from the Consultants
I had the pleasure of attending the wedding for a dear friend and co-worker here at BrideLive, Pete Z. Most of you know Pete as the guy that handles your technical issues, but on Friday September 21st he was "The Groom".

Being an Entertainer for the past 10 years, I can't remember the last time I was able to just attend a wedding instead of being a part of one. It really had me thinking about what we do as Wedding Vendors. To us this is a job, to the guests this is a party, but to Bride & Groom, this is an event they have dreamed about their entire lives.

For the last 10 years I get sick with nerves the Thursday before a weekend of events. These nerves kept me on my toes and reminded me that I did care about what I was doing, and I truly understood how important this was to the people that trusted me to handle their day. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure that many of you handle the pressure better than I did, but the point remains...

We work in an industry like no other; there are no second chances, and no rescheduling. For the most part our clients have never done this before, and they trust us on not much more than our word. The vendors that are the most successful are those who can empathize with their clients, and embrace this great responsibility.

Pete's wedding was awesome, filled with love and fun. The perfect balance of elegance and craziness that I believe makes a great party. Pete and his lovely wife Stephanie had the advantage of being part of this "crazy" wedding industry and knew exactly what to expect. Most of your clients will not have this advantage, so it is up to us to guide them, and help them to enjoy their big day as much as Pete and Stephanie did.

At the end of the day, the things that separate one vendor from the next is not always what we do on the wedding day, but what we do for the clients before.

Until next time,

Bob Scott

P.S. If you would like to contribute information to be included in this newsletter and on the BrideLive Blog, please contact tawnyl@bridelive.com for more information.
Don't Get Lost in iOS 6 Maps

The tech world has been abuzz recently with the release of the new Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 software updates. With nearly every new software release on any device, users are typically quick to find bugs and problems that detract from the user experience. However, the major bug with Apple's release is affecting wedding business owners too along with Mac users.

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What Do You Do If You Get A Negative Review?

The evolution of testimonials and how they are used to cultivate new business has turned into a revolution of reviews becoming a front and center concern for wedding professionals. No longer can you expect to scan thank you notes or quote clients on your website and expect that to be perceived as enhancing your credibility. Brides are far savvier. They know that you will only post positive statements on your site.

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  Marketing Does Not Equal Advertising When You TroubleShoot Watch Your Aim  

Most wedding professionals think that marketing equals advertising. However, advertising should only be a small piece in an overall marketing campaign. Advertising is like competing to be seen in a crowd while the right type of marketing can help you completely stand out from the crowd.
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As the owner of multiple stores that provided one stop shopping for 15 years, we served thousands of weddings and we had problems arise from numerous areas. When someone signs a contract with you for a wedding service or orders a product like wedding invitations, they are paying a finite amount of money for the expectation of seamless experience.
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  In other news  
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