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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about BrideLive's product and services.

  • What is the difference between BrideLive and other Video Conferencing Products?
    • BrideLive is 100% Web Based. This means there is nothing needed to install, nor any sign-up required for your guests to meet with you. To invite someone into a BrideLive meeting, you simply send them an email invite, they click on a link and they are in the meeting. BrideLive is a Business Service that has tools designed for Vendor-to-Customer meetings. BrideLive also offers 24/7 customer support and ongoing weekly training programs, as well as monthly educational seminars with the top consultants in the industry.
  • Is there a mobile version of BrideLive?
    • Yes!!! BrideLive has mobile apps for the iOS (iPhone, iPad) and the Droid. These Apps are free and designed for the guest.  To hear the audio the guest must use earbuds or a Bluetooth device.  Find out more about our apps for mobile devices here.
  • Why is there training, is BrideLive hard to use?
    • No, BrideLive is very easy to use. The training is included to ensure that our customers are taking full advantage of everything BrideLive has to offer. It is important that BrideLive clients feel as comfortable in a BrideLive meeting as they do in their office.
  • What should I do if the video gets choppy or delayed?
    • If it looks like a mess, just refresh!!! BrideLive is 100% Web Based, so you can refresh (or reload) the browser window and you won’t miss a beat. If refreshing doesn’t help with a video issue, the next best resolution to try is to lower the bandwidth setting for the individual users or the entire meeting. For more information on how to do this, check out the help page at , or give us a call!
  • I am experiencing sound issues, my voice is getting cut off sometimes, what can I do to fix this?
    • For the best experience with BrideLive the host should use earphones, or a External Mic/Earphone. The enemy is Bandwidth, and since you can’t control the connection of your guest you want to use the very least amount on your side. I use the Jabra Bluetooth earpiece, and it works great! I have also used the ear buds from my iPhone and the result is just as good. This has made the biggest improvement to my meetings, hands down!
  • Is there another way to learn how to master BrideLive? (in addition to the training courses)
  • Why won’t my ShowMyDesktop Work?
    • The Team over at BrideLive is always working to improve our system and give the best experience to you and your clients. We have done it again!!! Please follow the appropriate PDF for your system to install our newest update to fix any issues that you may be experiencing with your ShowMyDesktop application. Mac Users - Windows Users
  • Can I use ShowMyDesktop with a Mac?
    • Yes and better than ever before! If you are a new client or have been with us for a while, take advantage of our newest SMD that was built with the Mac user in mind! Click Here

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