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Product Features
Total # of Seats81650* Seats are the number of unique logins/connections for each meeting. For example if just you and a bride are meeting you are using 2 seats. If you, the bride and her parents are meeting you are using 3 seats, provided the parents are at the same location, sharing the same computer or mobile device. ** Additional seats are available for Pro and Custom accounts for $9.95 each per month
Vendor Listings* BrideLive offers a private listing site for our clients only! From your listing page, you can show testimonials, your social site feeds (Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest), contact info, and best of all… Instant Meetings!
Custom Skin* Your Company’s branding is extremely important. All BrideLive accounts come with their very own custom branded meeting room skin which allows you to display your logo, company colors and any unique marketing messages.
MeetUsNow* Never miss a lead again. MeetUsNow allows a bride or groom to instantly connect with you through your website. All they have to do is click on a link from your website and within seconds they will be meeting LIVE with you in your BrideLive meeting room.
Multi-media Tools* Built-in features of BrideLive such as Desktop Sharing, Multimedia Video Player, Media-Share, Interactive Billboard and Text Chat.
24/7 Support* BrideLive offers 24/7 email and phone support for all accounts.
Recording* Record your meetings and offer the recording to brides to share with their grooms or family members who were unable to attend the live meeting.
Educational Webinars* Access webinars put on by BrideLive's Consultants Corner and the industry's top professionals. Attend the live broadcast or watch the replay right from our website by clicking here.
Host Logins1UnlimitedUnlimited* Pro accounts allow for one user to be logged in and for one meeting to be conducted at a time. Executive and Enterprise packages allow for unlimited user log-ins, as well as multiple meetings to take place at the same time.
Custom Domain* Customize your meeting expreience with a unique URL. For example, or even
Testimonial Recorder* The testimonial recording feature can be used to create video testimonials for you to post on your website and social networking pages as visual sales tools.
Event Simulcasting* Stream live weddings and events over the internet for others to watch. This option is great for destination weddings.
Admin Controls * Have administrative control over each meeting. Admin controls allow you to set specific features for each meeting as well as create custom meeting skins, view reports on individual meetings and more.
Skin Builder* Create a unique skin for each of your meetings. **This is different from the default custom skin that comes with every account.